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So you don’t know whether your duct is clean or not? Is it providing you with fresh air?

It is suggested by reputed cleaning bodies that a duct should be clean in every two years to provide fresh and healthy air. But in some cases you need to clean it early.

Duct Cleaning Company Melbourne

If you have just moved in an apartment and you don’t know that the duct is clean or not, you just need to sniff the duct and if there’s mould in your ducts, you’ll smell it right away. Then you just need to give a call and we will be at your door with best of our equipments. We are the best ducting cleaning company in Melbourne.

The advantage of having a clean air duct is your health, and who take it lightly when it comes upon his health. Air ducts are easily contaminated with mold, dust mites, pollen, dirt, debris and other things that can add and cause serious health issues. If you have someone with allergies or asthma at your home then clean air ducts is very important to keep the environment safe and hazard free.

Quality Duct Cleaning Services Melbourne

We have built our reputation by providing quality service for many years.

You can always give us a call when you see visible mold growth inside ducts or other HVAC components, Or if there are excessive amounts of dust or dirt. At times there are insects or other small animals living in the air ducts, in such situation you definitely have to call us.

We only use proven systems, which are safe for your environment. So please let our skilled technicians answer to your duct cleaning needs.

Latest Duct Cleaning Technology and Equipment

We use the latest technology and equipments to achieve the best results for cleaning your duct. Our experts use a special brush that cleans dirt from the duct wall. We also apply a special anti-allergen in an aerosol that passes through your duct ensuring and clearing all harmful pathogens that might harm you or your family.

Uniniqe Steam Cleaning takes care of and clean all the HVAC system components: the diffusers, heating and cooling coils, fan and motor housing, condensate drain pans,  grilles and the air-handling system. We also insure a close look for the cold-air return. This shows our commitment of meeting the industry’s and our customers’ highest standards. All concerns regarding the quality of service are taken seriously, and customer satisfaction is primary to us. Our timing is flexible to match your routine.

Our professional cleaning will surely improve the efficiency of your Heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC).

+The air flow through your vents will no longer be blocked with harmful agents. Clean air ducts will surely save you money because your systems don’t have to work as hard to get the air to you. You will definitely save in electricity and repair bills. A clean HVAC system and air ducts will also improve the span of your system. It will save you thousands of dollars in replacement cost. The most important part is that your family and your health are not at risk.

We are waiting for your call, and to provide you the best duct cleanings services. So that you will never search for alternatives.

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