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Get the Best Steam carpet cleaning Melbourne!

Unique Steam Cleaning (USC) provides the most affordable steam cleaning Melbourne, CBD serving our clients in the area for 12+ years.  Our professionals have the requisite expertise and tools to make your carpet look like new again!

We will give you the best carpet cleaners in Melbourne according to your budget.

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Award Winning Carpet Cleaning Services

Are you a business, office owner looking for trustworthy, affordable and professional steam cleaning services in Melbourne? Then USC is the company to go for! With over 12 years of combined experience of our team, we have the required tools, expertise and experience to clean and make your carpets look like new with our steam cleaning service in Melbourne. Use our cleaning services to remove the most stubborn stains from your carpet.

At (USC), we take our customer's satisfaction as our mission because we built our business because of our high customer retention and referrals.

Steam Carpet Cleaning- Also known as hot water extraction cleaning, this is one of the most effective cleaning methods which gets out all kinds of stains, dirt and particles. This method is best when you want deep cleaning of your dirty carpets.

Steam cleaning method is best for all kinds of carpets, upholstery and rugs. It Takes up to 2-4 hours to dry.

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    Same Day Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne, Victoria

    How Unique Steam Cleaning does Steam Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

    Steam is showered into the carpet using the carpet steamers. We also add detergent to the carpet, which penetrates the fiber and removes the dirt from the surface.

    An industrial vacuum cleaner is used to extract all the water from the carpet. All water is sucked up leaving you with a fresh and new looking carpet. Only drawback of steam carpet cleaning is the drying time.

    Many customers are in a hurry and cannot wait for carpets to dry. Those people can go for dry carpet cleaning service. Steam carpet cleaning is recommended as it increases the life of the carpet and also keeps its looks intact. We use good fragrance shampoo so the carpets smell fresh and good.

    Dry vs Steam Carpet cleaning

    Dry carpet cleaning uses chemical solvent instead of steam which is used in the latter. In Dry carpet cleaning the dirt is buffed again instead of being vacuumed. This leaves behind chemical residue in your carpets. This build up of chemicals shortens the life of your carpet. Hence we at Uniquesteamcleaning prefer and recommend steam carpet cleaning over the dry one.

    steam carpet cleaning melbourne

    Latest Update!

    Pet Stain Removal

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    Get all stains removed from your carpet using our Steam Carpet Cleaning!

    Cleaning professionals at Uniquesteamcleaning have the required expertise and know how to remove all kinds of stubborn stains. Removing stains from carpet is necessary since it prevents buildup of harmful bacteria and prevents allergies.

    Common types of stains which we can remove- Pet urine, pet odor, red wine, fruit juice, lipstick, tea, coffee, beer, blood, food and drinks, oil spots, spot, dye blot treatments etc.

    carpet cleaning melbourne

    Why You have to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service?

    Do you have the same query that people generally have: why you should take carpet cleaning Melbourne service and why with the expert? Check the below reasons:

    • Over time, the carpet becomes untidy. By cleaning it thoroughly, you can remove the soil and dirt.
    • The carpet would consist of germs, allergens, dust mites, viruses and bacteria inside due to contaminants and air pollutants.
    • To maintain the carpet’s softness, it needs to be clean and tidy.
    • Dirty carpet would lose its brightness and shine after a while.
    • While you can do it yourself by renting a machine, but you wont be able to do it with the efficiency of an expert, hence professional services are recommended.

    Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning -

    • It Removes the most stubborn stains from the carpet without affecting its lifespan.
    • It's easy to remove stains caused due to spillages.
    • You get deodorized and sanitized carpet after the cleaning.
    • Steam carpet cleaning removes all kinds of allergens from the carpet.
    • It removes dust mite infestations from the carpet.
    • Eco friendly cleaning products are used by our professionals in the process.
    • After cleaning, the Carpet smells great as we use nice smelling deodorants. Steam cleaning removes all kinds of bacteria, germs and viruses from the carpet.

    Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Commercial places like malls, offices, businesses are high traffic areas and require professional cleaning by a commercial cleaning company. We start the process by using an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove the excess soil and dust particles from the carpet fibers. The carpet is the sprayed using solution which loosens the stubborn stains, spills and pet fur. Then we use a steam cleaning machine to inject high pressure water into the carpet. High power vacuum is used to suck up all the stains, residue, soil particles, dirt, soiling and all. In the end we spray deodorant to give a nice smell to your carpets. This leads to fresh and good smelling carpets.

    commercial carpet cleaning melbourne

    Our Cleaning Services in MelbourneCheck it now

    We provide steam cleaning to clean and add shine to your upholstery, rugs, carpets and mattresses. Industrial machines are used for tile and grout cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning. Browse from our range of cleaning services in Melbourne.

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    End Of Lease Cleaning

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    Tile and Grout Cleaning

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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Get professional carpet cleaning services for your office, business, malls. We use industrial equipment and eco-friendly agents...

    Melbourne's Trusted Steam Carpet Cleaning Service Provider in Your Own Local Area

    We are the finest cleaning company that specialists in an array of cleaning services and each cleaning job is customized to the clients’ requirements to ensure flawless and excellent service. From professional carpet steam cleaning to couch cleaning, from the end of lease cleaning Melbourne to tile and grout cleaning, we have got it covered for you.

    Types of Carpet Stains We Clean

    Pet Stain Removal Melbourne

    The urine of your pet can ruin the look and feel of your carpet in no time. It can cause quite an offensive odour as well. We are experts at handling pet stains. Moreover, we make use of highly effective and safe cleaning products that help you to achieve the desired result. Our state-of-the-art tools and equipment clean your carpet down deep and hence, are capable of extracting these odours and enzymes permanently.

    Pet Odour Removal

    When your furry friend leaves a huge mess on your favorite carpet, it is tempting to visit the nearest supermarket or a pet store to buy a chemical or spray that can eliminate the pet odour and stain. However, this is not a permanent solution. Rather calling a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne service provider like us to remove the pet odour is your best bet. When you call us, our technicians would examine your carpets and pinpoint the area where they should clean. Then, they would apply a neutralizing agent that kills the odor, as well as the bacteria and germs from the stain.

    Heavy Soil and Grease Stains Removal

    Does your carpet look unpleasant due to heavy soil and grease stains? We all know that the stains are very unsightly and removing them is a tough job because excessive rubbing can ruin the overall texture and fiber of the carpet. So, we offer carpet stain removal service that makes your carpet look like a new one. Our top-notch commercial carpet cleaning products and cutting-edge cleaning technology revitalize the look and feel of your carpet.

    Red Wine Removal

    Red wine looks and tastes really good. But it can ruin the overall appearance of your carpet in no time. If your carpet got spilled due to red wine, then you have nothing to worry about. This is because we have come up with our red wine removal service that is capable of removing the red wine stain from your carpet.

    Blood Stain Removal

    Blood stains on a carpet never look great. They are too tough to remove as well. Blood dries in no time and leaves a deep stain, which cannot be eliminated using homemade remedies. While endless scrubbing might lighten the color of the stain; however, it can ruin the carpet’s colors, fibers, and texture. We at Unique Steam Cleaning offer blood stain removal service that makes you able to get rid of stubborn bloodstain easily. Here we use the latest tools and cleaning products that help us to provide our clients with an amazing result every time.

    Rust Stains Removal

    Not just the red wine or grease stain we can remove from your carpet, rather our cleaners have the capability of removing rust stains from your carpet as well. Though sometimes it seems that removing rust stains is not possible at all. But when you hire us, everything is possible. Our world-class cleaning technology helps us to remove any kind of stain with efficacy.

    Tea/Coffee Stain Removal

    Tea/coffee stain is something that makes us worried as sometimes it becomes tough to get rid of them. But not anymore because here we deliver top-notch tea and coffee stain removal services. So, it is now possible for you to say goodbye to your tea/coffee stain.

    Water Damage on Carpet

    Sometimes excessive water or flood can damage your carpet. Your carpet would never get back to their actual state in case you only them to dry. So, what should you do? You should call us because here we restore your damaged carpet using our effective and proven techniques.

    Two Important Cleaning Solutions that You Get Here Apart from Dry and Steam Cleaning:-

    1. Sanitizing Cleaning Solution

    Get to the professionals of our agency and avail of the most effective Sanitizing carpet cleaning solution. The charges of this service are reasonable which means it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Even after regular vacuuming cleaning, a few things are there on your carpet that can contaminate your house.

    Carpet sanitization improves the quality of your indoor air and makes your carpet new, fresh, and clean. It also helps to extend the lifespan of your carpet.

    2. Scotchgard Cleaning

    Food drops and spills are something that you cannot stop from happening. And when you live with children, then it becomes difficult to avoid this situation. We offer a solution that helps you in protecting your valuable carpet from such mishaps. Yes, you have guessed it right. We offer scotch guard cleaning solutions with the end of lease cleaning, couch cleaning, steam cleaning and more for our clients. Just after the cleaning, we apply Scotchgard as this helps spills from getting tough-to-remove stains.

    So, if you are looking for expert carpet cleaning Melbourne company, then feel free to contact Unique Steam Cleaning Team.

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    Carpet Cleaning
    Steam Cleaning melbourne

    Benefits of Unique Steam Cleaning Services

    • We Leave No Residue.
    • Your Carpet Will Be Cleaner & Softer
    • No Harm Done To Anything Else
    • Provide the Best Cleaning Service in the local area

    Know Your Cleaning Company, Before Hiring

    Being the leading and most trustworthy carpet cleaner in Melbourne for 12+ years, We have the expertise and tools to do the job perfectly. USC provides you satisfaction guarantee. Browse our service locations

    Read customer reviews from various platforms to know about the quality of services before hiring a company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Steam Cleaning is also known as Hot Water Extraction Cleaning. The process involves injecting hot water into your carpet with high pressure, then extracting the water out.

    Steam cleaning is best suitable for most carpets. It is also called hot water extraction method. It's done with a truck-mounted or portable machine. The truck-mounted option is providing more heat and more suction and will do a more thorough job. Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the preferred method of carpet cleaning to invigorate and prolong the life of the carpet.

    Steam cleaning is deep cleaning and takes time to dry completely. In Dry cleaning, a chemical is used to clean the surface, and it dries immediately. Steam cleaning is a preferred option for cleaning carpets thoroughly

    Most of the time we have an 80% success rate in removing the stains. Our professionals try to remove every kind of stain with special solutions. But if the stain is caused due to some permanent chemical, or treated before then we cant say for sure.

    No. Steam cleaning carpets don't cause it to shrink in any way. We assure you that.

    We expect you to move small items on the floor like pots, toys, electronic items etc. Big items like chairs and tables we would easily move if required.

    We have been in the cleaning business for 12+ years. Our clients and testimonials speak for our work. Feel free to check them.

    Usually we recommend you get it cleaned every 4-6 months. But if you have allergies, asthma or any other health issue, then get your carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

    Yes. Steam sterilizing temperatures are 121 degree Celsius and 132 degree Celsius. This temperature is maintained in steam cleaning and is effective in killing bacteria, viruses including coronavirus. 

    After getting your carpets cleaned, don't put the furniture or walk on it until its completely dry. Use fans and a dehumidifier, or run ac to remove excess moisture from air . It can typically take a few hours to get it dry completely. Consider at least 6-8 hours for complete dry.

    Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the best way to keep your home clean and free of harmful germs and dirt. And they have the proper and latest equipment to perform the job.
    Getting rid of all the dust and pollen that had sunk deep into the carpet fibers can help you minimize allergies and keep the air quality in your home high.

    We only use eco-friendly cleaning products. But it's always a good idea to keep children and pets away while we are cleaning the carpet.

    Most of the time stains come out pretty well. We have an 80% success rate in removing the stains. But sometimes if stains have already been treated or permanent stains won't come out. But we will try our best to remove the stains.

    It really depends on the size and the condition of the carpets. Time may vary.

    USC is one of the best cleaning companies in Melbourne. It's a family-owned business. Our technicians have over 12+ years of experience. We are a team of friendly and professional experts. We only use eco-friendly agents for cleaning. All our cleaners are police verified.

    Payments options are: For regular customers: card/ cash or Eft. For first-time customers Cash or card (payment needs to be done on the day of the service)

    As the carpet will be damp once our technicians finish if you need to walk you can with the clean shoes on or barefoot. But it's not recommended. We recommend you wait 4-5 hours to let it completely dry.

    We service Melbourne and all nearby suburbs.

    Yes. Feel free to call us anytime for a free quote.

    It can vary depending on the condition of the carpet and the size. We do not publish a price list on our website as, in our experience, no two jobs are the same. We like to quote each job individually by asking enough questions to allow us to quote accurately over the phone. This way you know what to expect when we arrive and there are no hidden extras, cost or surprises. We base our pricing on an average room size of 12 sqm with room prices starting from $3 per sqm and we have a minimum charge of $90. All prices exclude GST. Additionally, A free quote option is also available for you – simply give us a call or fill out our instant quote form and you will receive an instant price estimate by one of our customer representatives!

    We are available from 7am to 7pm, all 7 days in the week. In case of emergency, you can contact us and we will try our best to serve you.

    No, you don't need to be there. Our clients feel comfortable leaving our professionals unattended while they are busy with their business.

    Yes we provide same day cleaning without any added cost.

    We are in the business for 12+ years and have many happy customers. To know our customers and the work we did for them, you can see our testimonials and portfolios.

    If you have pets and kids at home, then vacuum clean the carpet at least 3 times a week. Go for professional steam carpet cleaning every 4-6 months. Do not use vinegar or soda on stains as it can worsen it. Do not clean any spillage on carpet without knowledge else it can damage your carpet. Always call professionals like Unique Steam Cleaning for help.

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