Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Unique Steam Cleaning is the best carpet steam cleaning Melbourne company. Here we deliver top-quality steam cleaning service to commercial and domestic properties with the help of the professional steam cleaners.

So, if you think that your carpet needs a deep clean, then call us today.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Process

  • Preliminary inspection: Qualified professional do this job.
  • Pre-vacuuming: with hospital/industrial grade vacuum cleaner.
  • Movement of furniture: if needed.
  • Pre-spray/pre-conditioning: and spotting stains and spots – detergent would apply, hot just for it to work in a jiffy.
  • A rotary agitation with a pad or soft brush: agitation would loosen soiling from the fibres of your carpet and mix detergent together with the carpet pile.
  • Prevailing truck mount steam release: powerful tool offers higher heat, as well as more vacuum.
  • Rotary dry pad for leaving your carpet dry
  • Swap furniture along with defensive tabs: foam jams elevate furniture, as well as tabs, repel transfer of moisture, giving protection to furniture and carpets.
  • Final grooming for removing cleaning marks: resets your carpet pile in order to live it standing for maximizing the look and lessening drying time.

Stages of Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

  • One: Carpet is being pre-sprayed with eco-friendly cleaning solution.
  • Two: Carpet is rotatory agitated to confirm spot and stain removal and soil separation.
  • Three: Any remaining stains and spots are separately treated until fading.
  • Four: Carpet is steam cleaned.
  • Five: Carpet rinse is applied just for pH balance and also to confirm no soapy residue is left in the carpet.
  • Six: Apply Deodoriser.

How Long Will It Take to Dry?

In Melbourne, steam carpet cleaning would leave your carpet damp for between 5-6 hours. And this mainly depends on the weather conditions of Melbourne and of course, the ventilation. But you can walk on your carpet immediately, just make sure that your shoes are clean.

Why is Steam Carpet Cleaning So Effective?

  • Using carpet steam cleaning implies your carpet is receiving the best sanitary wash. Traditional cleaning methods hit only debris at the surface levels. While steam cleaning goes into the fibres and within the floor.
  • With the best steam cleaning service, you are having a chemical-free solution. As it is mostly water, so it is regarded as one of the safest carpet cleaning options.
  • Steam cleaning even stops discolouration, which other processes cause. And there are minimum detergent and shampoo used, making it a safe route to maintain the look of your carpet.

To book our steam carpet cleaning Melbourne service, get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Steam Cleaning

What is a Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpets are an important part of your home, office, and possibly the priciest household item that you might have purchased spending your fortune. Rather than paying a good amount for carpet replacements, you can book professional carpet steam cleaning Melbourne services for your carpets to look fresher and newer for longer. This would help lessen the money spent and would allow you to save the trouble and the time.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

Carpet steam cleaning is preferred in the industry of carpet cleaning due to its capability of penetrating carpet fibres deeply, unlike dry cleaning. Uses steam carpet cleaning method, stains are less most likely to re-appear right after cleaning because stains are eliminated from deep within the carpet, not only from the surface level.

First, we treat your carpet with the help of a pre-treatment solution, heavy-duty steam cleaning machines then work by inserting hot steam deeper into the fibres of the carpet and extracting dirt and moisture, as well as cleaning solution residue.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning Method?

  • Environment-friendly – no chemicals are used.
  • Good for those tough-to-clean crack and crevices.
  • Mainly uses heat to sanitise or disinfect approximately all household surfaces.
  • Can dissolve difficult-to-remove substances such as chewing gum, glue, and ground-in wax.
  • Steam evaporates rapidly, so surfaces dry faster than while cleaned with water.
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