Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Unique Steam Cleaning is the best carpet steam cleaning Melbourne company. Here we deliver top-quality steam cleaning service to commercial and domestic properties with the help of the professional steam cleaners.

So, if you think that your carpet needs a deep clean, then call us today.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Process

  • Preliminary inspection: Qualified professional do this job.
  • Pre-vacuuming: with hospital/industrial grade vacuum cleaner.
  • Movement of furniture: if needed.
  • Pre-spray/pre-conditioning: and spotting stains and spots – detergent would apply, hot just for it to work in a jiffy.
  • A rotary agitation with a pad or soft brush: agitation would loosen soiling from the fibres of your carpet and mix detergent together with the carpet pile.
  • Prevailing truck mount steam release: powerful tool offers higher heat, as well as more vacuum.
  • Rotary dry pad for leaving your carpet dry
  • Swap furniture along with defensive tabs: foam jams elevate furniture, as well as tabs, repel transfer of moisture, giving protection to furniture and carpets.
  • Final grooming for removing cleaning marks: resets your carpet pile in order to live it standing for maximizing the look and lessening drying time.

Stages of Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

  • One: Carpet is being pre-sprayed with eco-friendly cleaning solution.
  • Two: Carpet is rotatory agitated to confirm spot and stain removal and soil separation.
  • Three: Any remaining stains and spots are separately treated until fading.
  • Four: Carpet is steam cleaned.
  • Five: Carpet rinse is applied just for pH balance and also to confirm no soapy residue is left in the carpet.
  • Six: Apply Deodoriser.

How Long Will It Take to Dry?

In Melbourne, steam carpet cleaning would leave your carpet damp for between 5-6 hours. And this mainly depends on the weather conditions of Melbourne and of course, the ventilation. But you can walk on your carpet immediately, just make sure that your shoes are clean.

Why is Steam Carpet Cleaning So Effective?

  • Using carpet steam cleaning implies your carpet is receiving the best sanitary wash. Traditional cleaning methods hit only debris at the surface levels. While steam cleaning goes into the fibres and within the floor.
  • With the best steam cleaning service, you are having a chemical-free solution. As it is mostly water, so it is regarded as one of the safest carpet cleaning options.
  • Steam cleaning even stops discolouration, which other processes cause. And there are minimum detergent and shampoo used, making it a safe route to maintain the look of your carpet.

To book our steam carpet cleaning Melbourne service, get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Steam Cleaning

What is a Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpets are an important part of your home, office, and possibly the priciest household item that you might have purchased spending your fortune. Rather than paying a good amount for carpet replacements, you can book professional carpet steam cleaning services for your carpets to look fresher and newer for longer. This would help lessen the money spent and would allow you to save the trouble and the time.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

Carpet steam cleaning is preferred in the industry of carpet cleaning due to its capability of penetrating carpet fibres deeply, unlike dry cleaning. Uses steam carpet cleaning method, stains are less most likely to re-appear right after cleaning because stains are eliminated from deep within the carpet, not only from the surface level.

First, we treat your carpet with the help of a pre-treatment solution, heavy-duty steam cleaning machines then work by inserting hot steam deeper into the fibres of the carpet and extracting dirt and moisture, as well as cleaning solution residue.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning Method?

  • Environment-friendly – no chemicals are used.
  • Good for those tough-to-clean crack and crevices.
  • Mainly uses heat to sanitise or disinfect approximately all household surfaces.
  • Can dissolve difficult-to-remove substances such as chewing gum, glue, and ground-in wax.
  • Steam evaporates rapidly, so surfaces dry faster than while cleaned with water.

How to Keep Your Home Clean

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, this is an adage that we have heard many times over but are we adhering to it, is the biggest question. We need to begin by keeping our homes clean and tidy, without which it would be just like pouring water on ducks back, however much we are coerced to keep clean. One of the most vulnerable areas which would get the brunt of all incoming dirt and dust would be the floors. If your floors are carpeted then the need to keep it clean would be inevitable. You just cannot ignore the carpeted floors because if it’s soiled and dirty there would be frowns on every visitor who comes to your home.

Why Choose Unique Steam Cleaning

We at Unique Steam Cleaning Melbourne are at your beck and call and as professionals in the cleaning business we have the experience and the expertise to transform your carpeted floors to look new and elegant. As a leader in carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne. We have built an impeccable reputation among the community as a reliable and professional entity who when entrusted the job of cleaning do so with great enthusiasm.

Safe and Permitted Chemicals

Your carpet may be in any condition with dirt and grime making it a sight for sore eyes, but when we finish, it would be as good as new. We use very safe and permitted chemicals and follow all statutory regulations pertaining to the use of cleaning materials. We ensure that every job is completed without any chemical tainted issues after we leave the household. If you are to look for references for carpet steam cleaning Melbourne without an iota of doubt the name of Unique Steam Cleaning Melbourne would stand tall and handsome among all our competitors.

Expert Team of Professionals

We have a team of dedicated professionals and they would go about their business with all legal aspects looked into so that no loophole is left for any misadventure. Every staff member is screened with a security background to ensure that their bona fides are exemplary and nothing untoward happens when they are working in your homes. We offer a blanket guarantee on every staff member who would be delegated to work in your home. This would give you peace of mind that those engaged in steam carpet cleaning services at your home are above any suspicion. By contracting carpet steam cleaning to unscrupulous individuals you could lose more than what you would gain by way of money. In such a situation you could be “pennywise pound foolish” and regret at the end of the day.

Get Smile on Your Face

Hence it would be prudent of you to ensure that you contract your steam carpet cleaning services to none other than Unique Steam Cleaning Melbourne. You will be in safer hands and your carpet would gleam and smile back at you and look sparkling and great. Your carpets at home would be the envy of your friends and relatives who would visit and it would be pride that you could carry on your shoulders. There’s no chance that they would think that you have cleaned up your carpet but the word would go around that your new carpets look as great as your home. The aromatic fragrance that your carpets would emanate would fill your home with pleasantness and a smile on every face.

Latest Equipment

If it’s your office or any other commercial unit that you want cleaned then we are well equipped to take on any small, medium or large task. We have all the required equipment which are tried and tested to ensure the job is well done. If you want references as to the carpet steam cleaning services that we at Unique Steam Cleaning Services have executed so far we would gladly send you that list. Those for whom we have extended our steam carpet cleaning services are a “who’s who” in and around Melbourne. We take immense pride in every carpet steam cleaning Melbourne endeavor that we have completed so far. They would always come back to us because we are an unmatchable entity when it is steam carpet cleaning services that you are searching for.

First Choice for Everyone

We are known all over the city of Melbourne as the best commercial carpet cleaner and that is a tag that we wear with immense pride and is indeed a feather in our cap and one which we hope to retain forever.

Put all our energies to maintain that position and to sit on the pedestal of success and strive to leave no stone unturned to see it remains so. As the leader in the carpet steam cleaning business and the best in the arena we have always striven to ensure we remain the first choice for everyone. If you are looking at your carpets and ruing that it is soiled and full of dirt and grime, don’t sulk we have the answer for you. We are just a call away or book us online and we will come over and transform your carpets to say those silent words of happiness and pride.

Competitive Price 

Don’t look further if you want your home or office carpets cleaned and gleaming again, just call the professionals in the business and that is none other than us at Unique Steam Cleaning Services. Located in Melbourne we are your closest if you want your carpets back to be as good as new. We offer very competitive prices which are unmatchable in the marketplace and this is because we have the men and equipment to do the job well and ensure customer satisfaction at its optimum. If you have any queries and need to elaborate on what and how we would get about our task then we are just a call away and we will answer every one of them and put you at ease.

The carpet steam cleaning business is not child’s play as some might try to misconstrue, it is a very serious task because the use of chemicals are regulated and it is imperative that we use only approved materials. We at Unique Steam Cleaning Services know our responsibilities and would always work within the legal parameters.

Call us and we will be at your side.

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