What is End of Lease Cleaning Service

When your lease ends and you move out of your apartment or house, you are bound to confront few issues, here and there, which you need to take care of. Apart from repairing anything that has been broken, you would also require to clean the home properly for the next tenant or owner that is called "End of Lease Cleaning".

Take Our End of Lease Cleaning Services and Get Full Deposit Back

It is a common clause in the tenancy agreement to leave the home in the “same condition” as when you moved in the beginning, without which, you would need to forfeit your deposit. You would only get your full deposit back after you have cleaned the home thoroughly and made all the necessary repairs. So it will definitely be illogical to leave up the deposit money for not cleaning the apartment. Morally, why end your relationship with a bad note?

Hire Professional End of Lease Cleaners

Moreover, you don’t want any issues to distract you from coordinating your move to your new home. It may be more practical to call a professional end of lease cleaners like us so that we can make your move a whole lot easier by handling the cleaning for you. In this way, you can utilize your valuable time in some more productive work. We have skilled cleaners and equipment to assist you in cleaning the house thoroughly at the end of your tenancy. You can call us and our service will give you peace of mind. You will then be able to see to the more important issues regarding your move, rather than wasting valuable time on dirty windows and floors. Rest is upon us we will ensure that every part of the home is cleaned perfectly so that you are guaranteed to get your full deposit back. We can take on each room of the home, including the garage, office, bedroom, and kitchen.

Unique Steam Cleaning - A Professional End of Lease Cleaning

As a professional end of lease cleaning company, unlike a third party agency, we do ensure that our staff is equipped sufficiently with the right tools and cleaning materials to carry out a proper cleaning job and that they are well trained. Our cleaning crew will bring along a wide range of cleaning solutions and agents, clothes and equipment including vacuum cleaners, ladders, degreasers, scrubbers etc for cleaning. So don’t need to worry about the cleaning part, just rely on our services. We have the privilege and pleasure of providing our one-time cleaning services to many homes and offices in Melbourne to-date. Our one-time end of lease cleaning service include Post Renovation cleaning, Post Construction cleaning, Pre-Move in cleaning, Post Move cleaning, End-of-tenancy or Hand-over cleaning, festive season cleaning and Spring cleaning.

Call us @ 0451115551 

You can rest assured that your old home will be as clean as a pin when we are finished with the cleaning job. We handle especially to remove any pet hair, scuff marks and stains. Be assured we will not neglect any corners and get rid of all that hidden dirt as well. By the time we are finished, you will be ready to hand over the keys to the landlord, with confidence that you will receive your full deposit back from the owner. And the most important is you will leave a good memory in the mind of the owner. So if have any End of lease cleaning services you can always call us on 0451115551.
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