Carpet Cleaning Mount Waverley Methods & Techniques– Advantages and Disadvantages

Most homeowners know how significant cleaning their rug or carpet is. In the past, carpet or rug cleaning generally involved scrubbing, as well as splashing water over the carpet; however, in recent times, there are different techniques available, which are reliable and effective enough to keep your carpet fresh and clean. Below is a study of some of the carpet cleaning techniques, their merits and demerits, and also a comparison of the various techniques.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Mount Waverly

How this method works

This steam cleaning Mount Waverley technique entails hot water injected into your carpet along with a to of pressure. Your carpet requires being pre-conditioned before this with the help of a chemical reagent that liquefies soiling and oil-based substances.

By having forced hot water directed into your carpet, any dust or dirt, which was trapped onto your carpet fibres is basically loosened, as well as dissolved into the hot water. One can add detergent or a cleaning solution to the carpet while cleaning heavily soiled parts of the carpet.

Then the water is extracted from your carpet with the help of a vacuum drawing the dirt together with it, leaving your carpet clean. If you want to get the better results from carpet steam cleaning Mount Waverley, then consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning Mount Waverley company.


  • Quite effectual for thorough and deep cleaning
  • Reliable and most commonly used cleaning technique
  • Safe technique since no harsh chemicals are used
  • Good at the removal of bacteria, odours, and dust mites


  • Drying time is longer

Carpet Dry Cleaning Mount Waverley

How this carpet cleaning technique works

Carpet dry cleaning Mount Waverley doesn’t involve water. Generally, an absorbent compound is sprinkled over and worked through the carpets with the help of counter-rotating brushes or a mechanised brush. The compound absorbs the dirt and soils from your carpet fibres. This absorbent is vacuumed up after a certain time with the help of a high-suction vacuum.


  • Safer technique for delicate carpet material like hemp and sisal
  • Faster drying time


  • Can never clean deep into the fibres of your carpet
  • Inappropriate for those allergic to dust since it results in dust build-up

Carpet Shampooing

How this carpet cleaning method works

You will be surprised to know that carpet shampooing is amongst the oldest carpet cleaning technique.

It involves using a foamy chemical that is applied to your carpet and scrubbed with the help of a motorised brush. And this helps in suspending the debris and dirt trapped onto your carpet fibres and then it is extracted with the help of a vacuum.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Effectual in soil elimination


  • Inappropriate for high-pile carpet since it might result in pile distortion
  • Poor removal of foam that might lead your carpet to excessive wetting

Professional Carpet Cleaning Mount Waverly

How this method works

Well, there are specific carpet cleaning solutions and tools available that are too large or too expensive for residential use.

Though they are more effective and heavy-duty in comparison to regular carpet cleaning solutions, they can be accessed only by carpet cleaning firms.

This is the reason why it is recommended for homeowners to get their carpet and rug professionally cleaned once a year at least. These professional carpet cleaning companies use a combination of cleaning methods based on the type, as well as the amount of dust, the material used on your carpet, size of your carpet, and of course, your preference.


  • Long-lasting spotlessness and cleanliness for your carpet
  • Effective enough since they use multiple techniques
  • Safer option for your carpet and yourself
  • Save your time and energy


  • Need intense planning in terms of expenses

General Valuation

Just like every single thing in life, these specified carpet cleaning techniques come with its share of pros and cons. So, the right way to pick a carpet cleaning technique for your house is to look at different vital factors:

  • How easy do you really want the entire procedure to be?
  • How much do you want to invest in carpet cleaning?
  • How clean and fresh do you want your rug or carpet to be?
  • How long do you ready to wait for your carpet to dry?
  • How dingy is your rug or carpet?

You have to examine each of these aspects before you settle on a certain carpet cleaning technique. Think about your own requirements carefully. And use the aforementioned checklist as a guide and choose the right cleaning technique for your needs.

Once you decide which carpet cleaning method you want, you can come to us at Unique Steam Cleaning where we deliver carpet cleaning services Mount Waverley including carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, rug cleaning Mount Waverley, and couch cleaning at decent rates. We have years of experience in this industry so you get only top-notch dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning Mount Waverley, rug cleaning.


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