Give a New Life to your Carpet with Carpet Cleaning Services Mooroolbark

Even after vacuuming on a regular basis, your carpet can store allergens, bacteria, and dust. For thorough carpet cleaning Mooroolbark, you should hire carpet cleaning services. The frequency of hiring such services varies with person to person.

It mainly depends on the foot traffic on your carpets. It depends on how well you normally maintain your house and also fight with dust. In case you have pets or children, you will need professional carpet dry cleaning Mooroolbark and carpet steam cleaning more often. Same is the case while you live in a remote area with loads of dust around. The average cleaning frequency recommended by the professionals is twice a year.

What if you are engaging such a carpet cleaning Mooroolbark service for the first time?

Are you quite nervous about what you should expect from a carpet cleaning service? Well, here is a detailed list, which will help you out to understand.

  • Analysis of the task to make an estimate:

When you call up a carpet cleaning agency, they would send their representatives at your place to prepare a rough estimate for the task. Don’t appoint an agency, which offers you an estimate over the phone. They would measure the dimensions of your carpet, analyse the stains (if there is any stain), and provide you with an approximate cost they would charge.

  • Additional charges for shifting furniture:

Don’t expect the agency personnel to shift the furniture. In case they do, then they would charge you additionally for furniture removal. Hence, it is good that you keep all your furniture items in a safe place right before the carpet cleaners arrive at your place.

  • Dry vacuuming:

The service will start with dry vacuuming your carpets. It is an important part of carpet cleaning. You should make sure that they don’t skip this step.

  • Use of environmental-friendly products: 

The majority of the companies would. Some companies, which provide cheap services don’t. So, which one do you prefer? The first one as it is safe not just for you but for your family and pets as well.

  • Mould and stain removal: 

When the dry vacuuming is completed, the pros would begin working at eliminating the stains and moulds, if any. Expect them to clear all type of stains and spots – be it from drinks, foods or your pets. The charges are oftentimes included separately in the estimate. So, read the estimate cautiously to avoid any fuss later.

  • Removal of furniture marks and wrinkles:

The professionals then would work on the furniture marks and wrinkles, which may have gripped the carpet. When the work is done, they would use their professional-grade cleaning technique to clean the carpet fibres meticulously.

  • Stain-free and odour-free carpet:

Once they are totally done with their job, it is your duty to cross check. You will find your carpets to be odour-free. But in case it’s not, then you should ask them for service. Well, the same goes for spots and stains.

  • Guarantee: 

Nearly all the reputed carpet and rug cleaning Mooroolbark companies offer the satisfaction guarantee. Not to mention, stain removal is pretty tricky. Stains can come back within 5-6days. In the event of a satisfaction guarantee, one can ask for a refund or service.

These are the things that you can expect from a carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning Mooroolbark service provider. Don’t be hesitant anymore. Go on and hire one since dirty carpets could make you sick. So, better have them cleaned professionally.

How often should you have your carpets cleaned?

While every house is different, most houses should have the carpet cleaned a minimum of twice a year. We at Unique Steam Cleaning recommend every 6-8months though because this would keep your carpet in tip-top condition, particularly if you have pets, kids or heavy foot traffic.

Getting your carpet cleaned can help in eliminating micro-organisms, which come from things like bacteria, pollen, soil, food particles, and dust mites.

Few instructions for carpet care and maintenance

  • Vacuum thoroughly and frequently. Most of the wear of carpet is resulted in by dirt and dust. Oily soil attracts more soil and regular vacuuming would lessen soil buildup.
  • Treat stains immediately. Most of the stains can easily be eliminated by one cleaning agent or another in case they are cleaned properly in the first few days. And the longer a stain reacts with your carpet, the tougher it would be to eliminate. And if you find yourself incapable of doing this, then hire a professional.
  • Never brush or dig spots. The proper process is to scrape the spot toward the middle and tamp the spot into the white cloth or towel with the help of a brush or any other tamping devices.

So, if you want to maintain and preserve the look of your carpet, call Unique Steam Cleaning where you’ll get rug cleaning, couch cleaning, carpet steam cleaning Mooroolbark, and carpet dry cleaning services at feasible rates.

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