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Do you think that your carpet is neat and clean? Well, think again.

It might not be noticeable to the naked eye; however, carpets or rugs can house all types of allergens, bacteria, and dirt, which could be detrimental to your health and well-being.

Carpets, which are not maintained properly can easily hold insect feces, dead skin cells, pet hair, dust mites, molds, & mildew embedded in their fibers.

In such a situation, carpet cleaning proves to be a beneficial option. We, Unique Steam Cleaning provide our clients with world-class and professional-grade rug cleaning, couch cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and carpet dry cleaning services at affordable costs.

The Risks Associated with Vacuuming

While it is essential to vacuum, it could be detrimental to your health and well-being. Particularly if you have already allergies or respiratory issues. You should know that vacuuming is certainly not going to eliminate dirt and bacteria, which have been ground into the fibres of the carpet. Air blows out of your vacuum cleaner. So, do you think that this can be clean air? It is, after all blowing out the dust and dirt that you have vacuumed up. You might be amazed to know that a vacuumed area is one of the dirtiest places in your entire house alongside toilets and washing machines.

Clean Carpets - Healthier Children and Pets

In case there are kids or pets in your house. It is vital to be certain that your carpets and rugs clean professionally at regular intervals. Young kids oftentimes crawl around, as well as play on the floor, right? And for this specific reason, you would wish to have clean and tidy carpets. Kids can pick up a generous number of germs straight from the dirt trapped in carpets. In case there are any insects, they are even most likely to get bitten which can lead to a severe allergic reaction in some people.

Why Carpet Cleaning is Necessary?

When it comes to pets, there are mainly two reasons to consider carpet cleaning services.

Firstly, the pets generally shed dander and fur that would cling to the fibres of the carpet.

Secondly, pets crawl around on the floor all the time and they easily pick up germs & thus get sick just like us.

To make certain that your whole family members are healthy and fit, including the furry, four-legged friend. Call a professional who can offer you carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, and rug cleaning in Kew to guarantee that your carpets and rugs are healthy and clean.

Some Important Facts about Filthy Carpets You might not have been Familiar with

  • Carpet Attracts Dirt and Greasy Residue:

Every single day greasy residue comes out from your rooms and your pet is even carried in from outside, as well as dries onto your rug or carpet. And this residue attracts and also locks-in dirt to the carpet fibres. This dirt could even change the colour of the carpet and could be compounded. In case left untreated, this can lead to unappealing traffic lanes and could become permanent.

  • Sandy Soil is Tearing the Carpets Apart:

In case you have got down with the carpet and parted the pile that you may have been surprised to find out a sand pit of soil in the carpet. Which can never be reached by vacuum cleaners. Well, this kind of dirt is not generally noticeable; however, it grinds your valuable upholstery and carpet away every single time when you sit or walk on your carpets.

  • Remove Shoes Right Before You Walk in the Carpets:

The majority of people admit that they walk on their carpets while they wear outdoor shoes. Well, this not just tracks dirt into your house but also, grinds it unto your carpet and only vacuuming is not certainly going to get rid of this. Moreover, it is even a common phenomenon for people to move their furniture items around for covering stains and spots in the carpet instead of cleaning the stains. Spills need to be cleaned without delay to stop a stain from forming.

  • Not Good News for Rhinitis, Eczema, Allergy, and Asthma Sufferers:

Carpets can easily become overwhelmed with dust mites whose droppings could trigger asthma attacks and could trap allergy-inflaming protein that is recognized to trigger rhinitis, eczema, and asthma attacks. Oftentimes people are looking for a solution to their problems and the problem might be under your feet. So, for those people who have environmental allergies, this could be a severe health complication. Dirty carpets can lead to severe health issues in healthy people.

So, if you are planning to hire a carpet cleaning company that can deliver Carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning services, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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