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Bringing in a new four-legged member to your home could be pretty exciting; however, stressful at the same time. Adding a new pet implies a new procedure of your day-to-day life, which may entail a load of new carpet stains and odours. But is it really possible to keep your carpet clean with professional Carpet Cleaning Huntingdale? Well, it can be a bit tough, but here we would show you how you can keep your house and carpet clean with pets. All you have to do is to learn a few important tricks and follow them properly.


  • Odours:

Consider putting a fabric softener sheet along with your preferred scent right under the cushions, chair or sofa where your pup loves to hang out.

  • Fur:

Don’t forget to brush your pup or cat on a daily basis. Animals just love this thing and it also helps you to bond with your furry friend. Regular brushing even gets rid of dead skin. Thus, you would start noticing that your pup looks, as well as smells really better after.

  • Pet food:

If you really want to keep your carpet or rug in tip-top condition, then consider keeping pet food in a covered container. In case left open, they can easily attract bugs and rodents.

  • Dirt: 

Placing welcome mats at both the inside and outside of every door would significantly cut down on the dirt, which their paws generally track inside your house. Be sure that these mats are washable so that you can wash them whenever required.

  • Clean up kit: 

Make sure that you stock a few important clean-up kits in order to avoid a mess: paper towels, clean white cloth, rags, disposable wipes, etc.

Carpet Cleaning Huntingdale

Maintain the look of your carpet without any glitches

  • Regular vacuuming:

Pups would shed all the time. Hence, it is essential to vacuum more frequently. In case it is just you and your dog, you could get away with vacuuming twice or thrice a week. But, in case you belong to a huge family and you have more than one dog, then it is recommended to run a vacuum on a daily basis. In fact, you should consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning Huntingdale service as well.

  • Keep your pup’s nails trimmed always:

You must know that long nails can easily damage your carpet. While the pup runs around, his nails could snug your carpet and this could damage the carpet’s fibres. This is the reason why it is essential to keep your pup’s nail trimmed.

  • Keep an eye on your pet food:

There are multiple kinds of pet food available these days. The majority of pet food, which is available is rich in artificial colours and ingredients. These kinds of foods can result in your carpet or rug to stain. Therefore, it is good for you to buy the pet food without additional colourings.

  • Consider adding an area rug to your room:

Not to mention, an area rug would not just make your room look outstanding but it would give protection to your carpet at the same time. You need to place the area rug in a high foot traffic area. And you would have to make sure that your pup spends the maximum number of hours on the area rug, not the carpet.

  • Tackle odours:

Though baking soda can help you in getting rid of pet odours. But we don’t recommend such things since we aim to maintain the original look, feel, and lustre of your carpet. Rather you can try out the professional carpet steam cleaning Huntingdale as it has the potential to provide you with the best results.

  • Professional rug cleaning Huntingdale and carpet cleaning:

Stubborn carpet stains can never be eliminated with store-bought rug cleaning or carpet cleaning products. That’s why it is imperative to engage in carpet cleaning services Huntingdale. Between routine carpet or rug cleaning Huntingdale, it is essential to provide your carpets or rugs a deep clean. Hair, pet dander, mites, etc. implant deeply into the carpet fibres. In case you are quite prone to allergies, then it is more vital to invest in a professional carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning at least once or twice a year.

These prevention tricks and cleaning tips would make your carpet feel as tidy as it was before you brought your four-legged friend.

Final words

Clean carpet implies clean pet, indoor air, and house. Taking the time to sanitise your carpets and rugs takes work. As you would never think of getting rid of your pups, cater to their requirements instead. Appointing a professional carpet cleaning Huntingdale service does that.

Luckily, we, Unique Steam Cleaning specialise in thorough carpet cleaning. Here we offer best in class rug cleaning, couch cleaning, steam cleaning Huntingdale, and carpet dry cleaning Huntingdale at decent rates. Our professional cleaning service eliminates dirt, pet hair, dander, and dust with efficacy. Contact us today to get more information.

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