Restore the Health your Carpet with Carpet Cleaning Services Donvale

Whenever possible, rugs and carpets need to be cleaned, instead replaced even after water damage. In the majority of cases, cleaning the carpets after water or flood damage is not possible; however, suggested. In keeping with community and environmental stewardship through reusing, reducing, recycling, as well as re-purposing, cleaning carpets after water damage, instead of replacing it, is not just a prudent and cost-effective solution but also, an ecologically responsible and eco-friendly one.

Water damage never spells the termination of a carpet’s life. Carpet replaced without professional assessment is just a waste. Based on the degree of damage and how long carpet has been saturated, the carpet pad might need to be replaced; however, the carpet can be cleaned easily. Most of the time, carpet cleaning services Donvale providers can restore both carpet and padding through proper remediation, sanitation, carpet cleaning Donvale standards.

How can leaks destroy your carpets and rugs?

You must know that water can damage your walls and wood. Not just this, leaks can even destroy your expensive carpets. While you have a leak in your house, the water, which gets into your house can easily soak through your carpet. Even though you make use of a wet-dry vacuum for getting as much water as you can out of your carpet, you might not get it all. Most importantly, you can never get it out of the carpet padding.

The water would sit in your carpet and lead to mildew and mould in the carpets that ruins the carpet completely. Even after 48 hours, mould could start developing in the carpet, the mould would cause the carpet to smell really bad and could also affect the indoor air quality. In case your carpet starts smelling mouldy or it feels soggy, it might be damaged from a water leak. Finding the leak is the first move in getting help, as well as trying to save the carpet from getting damaged. And after that, you should call a carpet cleaning company who can clean your carpet using either carpet steam cleaning or carpet dry cleaning service.

Tips for averting carpet mould right after water damage

Not to mention, the sooner one starts cleaning up the water, the better. In case you leave your carpet or rug damaged by a water leak for longer, mould would start forming. Bear in mind that mould exposure can even lead you to health issues by affecting the lungs, eyes, throat, and nose. Below are a few tips for stopping the mould from growing after you experience water damage to the carpet:

  • Eliminate the water at the earliest
  • Use home, as well as industrial fans for speeding up the drying procedure
  • Consider using a dehumidifier for drying out the rooms with the water leak
  • Disinfect the baseboards and walls
  • Double-check all your furniture pieces for water damage
  • Call a carpet or rug cleaning company that offers top-notch carpet and rug cleaning Donvale services

When to clean your carpets right after flood or water damage

Your carpet needs to be cleaned right after water or flood damage in case the exposure of your carpet to water has been partial. Carpet should never be replaced if the water comes from a comparatively non-polluted source. But in cases of greywater pollution where water is almost black, carpet padding might be beyond restoration and sanitation; however, the carpet can still be kept and cleaned.

When should you replace your carpets after flood or water damage?

At times, the sake of your health and wellbeing, carpet should never be salvaged through cleaning and restoration. Blackwater contamination of carpet contains several microscopic pathogens hence it becomes unhealthy and tough to restore your carpet to its actual health standard. Well, blackwater includes floodwater from storm or sewage backup, which has got in touch with faecal matters and many other biological pollutants, such as chemicals, heavy metals or vomit. So, if this is the case with your carpet, then neither carpet steam cleaning Donvale nor carpet dry cleaning Donvale can restore the health of your carpet and that mean you will have to replace your carpet.

Call us and get professional carpet cleaning services Donvale

If you are a bit puzzled and you don’t understand whether you should replace the carpet after water damage or not, then you can call us, Unique Steam Cleaning. Once you call us and schedule an appointment, we send our team of professionals at your place. They inspect your carpet carefully. After a thorough inspection, if they think that restoration is possible, then they start the restoration procedure. But if they find it impossible, then they would let you know. It helps you to make an informed decision.

Here we offer couch cleaning, steam cleaning Donvale, carpet dry cleaning, and rug cleaning Donvale services. So, you can call us if you want to restore the look and health of your carpet.


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