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In case you vacuum your carpets and rugs on a regular basis, then that is perfectly fine. But you would need to understand that vacuuming is not just the only thing important to maintain the look of your carpet. It also extends carpet life expectancy and keeps them squeaky clean. So many professionals suggest people have their carpets and rugs professionally cleaned once or twice a year. But that doesn’t imply everybody should follow this routine. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration in order to decide how frequently you should consider getting your carpets cleaned.

Factors that Determine the Frequency of Carpet Cleaning

The Warranty of your Carpet:

Is your carpet or rug under warranty? If your answer is yes, then check the warranty papers carefully and reread the terms and conditions, which need to be met. Well, a very common condition, which is mentioned by multiple carpet manufacturers is that one needs to have his/her carpet steam cleaned at least once a year. And in case you don’t follow this rule, then you might not be capable of claiming your warranty.

Now it is completely on you to determine when to have your rug or carpet professionally cleaned. But there are a few important things that you should consider before hiring carpet cleaning companies to do the cleaning job on your behalf.

Don’t Overlook the Foot Traffic:

You must know that more people mean more traffic, right? If you are currently talking about the carpet that is placed at the entrance of your office, it is quite evident that it goes through heavier foot traffic every single day. So, you need to have it cleaned by hiring professionals every single month. Executive rooms, conference rooms, as well as bedrooms, rarely have any foot traffic regularly. So, for these places, you could relax and have them cleaned professionally once a year.

But if you have a huge family, then you should opt for professional carpet cleaning services once or twice a year on the basis of the age of your kids. Young children tend to make your carpet dirty than older ones and large families should maximise the occurrence to maintain the lifespan of the carpet.

Do you have Four-Legged Friends?

In case you are a proud parent of a cat or dog, then you should certainly have it cleaned by hiring professionals every 9-10 months. Since your four-legged friends generally shed dander and fur on the carpets, hence more frequent carpet cleaning is always suggested. Even though you vacuum the carpet several times a week, still the dirt and bacteria, which these animals normally bring from outside could damage the carpet fibres, thus decreasing its life expectancy. It hardly matters how much you think to keep your furry friends clean, but their fur is exposed to microorganisms and pests, which could damage your rugs and carpets. Vacuuming would minimise your incidence of appointing professional assistance, however, twice a year is suggested though.

Cost-Effective Cleaning Services 

The process of purchasing and having a carpet installed could cost you a great amount of sum. Cleaning would, on the other flip, cost you just a few hundred dollars. In the end, keeping your rug and carpet clean would maximise its life expectancy and also save you the cost of replacement. In addition, it is always great to have a clean and tidy carpet.

This is because a clean carpet gives you protection against unhealthy bacteria that could lead to allergies and respiratory issues. It even enhances the aesthetic of your living room and bedroom and makes you feel amazing. So, without wasting time, analyse the carpet traffic and create a schedule for carpet cleaning to guarantee that it lasts for a long time.

Carpet Steam Cleaning - Is It Really Effective Enough?

Carpet cleaning is something that needs to be done; however, there are multiple options available in recent times. Well, how do you make up your mind between carpet steam cleaning, shampooing or carpet dry cleaning? Each cleaning method is helpful in its own way. Sometimes cleaning method is simply preferences which one you personally think is ideal. The advantages of steam cleaning seem to be limitless, particularly if you have young kids and pets. They continuously bring pollutants and dirt from outside of your house. Steam cleaning your rug and carpet consistently can really help in keeping the integrity of the carpet intact and extend its lifespan for some time.

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