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It is amazing how quickly your carpets and rugs get dirty and looks tired. Muddy footprints, general wear and tear, pets, kids, and unsightly stains. Not to mention, household carpets need to be professionally cleaned once a year at least and Unique Steam Cleaning can make the carpet cleaning Docklands procedure trouble free, easy, and quick too.

We can restore your rugs and carpets back to their original vibrancy and lustre in no time.

So, don’t wait until your rugs or carpet turn filthy; call us to get top-notch carpet cleaning and rug cleaning Docklands services.

Best Carpet Cleaning Docklands Services

Unique Steam Cleaning cares only about its clients and here we always strive to deliver the best rug cleaning, couch cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning Docklands services in the Dockland Industry. Our staff members are efficient and friendly and we use the state-of-the-art cleaning tools available. Using the cleaning equipment, we would leave your couch, rug, and carpet right, fresh, and clean once again.

Why should you Invest your Money into Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Docklands?

While rug or carpet cleaning might seem like a luxury, it is, in reality, very much important if you really want to maintain the original look and feel of your carpet for years to come. At times, you don’t have the capability to clean just like you think you can and in such a situation, carpet cleaning services Docklands come to your rescue.

The majority of the time, people hesitate to appoint a carpet cleaning company since they think that they simply don’t require it; however, we know that it can be one of the greatest decisions of your life. Well, this is great since many people are busy with their lives and many other important things, hence it helps in saving you time while creating a completely clean area and also saving you money. Now let’s take a quick look at a few of these items separately.

  • Cleaning Carpet or Rugs is Difficult than you Think:

It won’t be possible to try and clean every carpet in every room on every floor of your house, right? There are several things that you can have done during the week like a quick sweep, as well as vacuuming; however, deep cleaning is difficult than you might think. Appointing a professional carpet dry cleaning Docklands or carpet steam cleaning service can really make a huge difference. You can get a clean home without doing anything.

  • Time Value:

You must know that time is one of the most vital and highly valuable items in our lives. With a little time, which you have during the week, whenever it comes to cleaning the carpets of your home, it is easier to get assistance.

  • Save Money:

Though rents are pricey, we can see that houses are the greatest investments, which you would possibly make in your entire life. Having said that, keeping up with it, as well as making certain the floors flawlessly clean is pretty essential to individuals.

The Carpet Dry Cleaning Method

There are mainly 3 kinds of carpet dry cleaning methods available. Yet dry powder cleaning is an ideal carpet dry cleaning technique. The others use moisture; however, all come right under the banner of dry cleaning because of faster drying times.

Dry Powder Cleaning:


An absorbent compound is being applied over the carpet with the help of a machine or sprinkled over your carpet. This contains a small amount of water, a solvent, detergent, and an absorbent carrier.

The theory is that this absorbent compound works as thousands of micro-sponges and these function to dissolve, as well as absorb any soiling and dirt. After shorter drying time, the absorbed and dislodged soil is vacuumed away.


  • It lets you walk on the carpets immediately.
  • No water added, hence, lesser risk of damage to the carpets.

The Hot Water Extraction/Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning is the procedure of cleaning carpets with the help of hot water. Generally, a detergent pre-spray is being applied to your carpet first.

Then some operators agitate it through a brush or a microfibre pad, on the basis of the method and kind of carpet.

Then this is followed by hot water extraction using a hot water extraction machine and this sprays hot water onto your carpet and sucks the soils, dirt, and pre-sprays back up with it. Well, it is just like a huge vacuum cleaner; however, it uses hot water instead of air.


  • Offers a thorough and much deeper clean. Grit and dirt accumulate around the surface of the carpet fibres. Steam cleaning eliminates deep down dirt better than any other cleaning methods.
  • Much better for eliminating allergens, dust mites, and killing germs in carpets.
  • Eliminates stains and spills with efficacy.

Please call us if you want to get any further information about our professional carpet cleaning services.

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