Need for Professional Carpet Cleaning at Your Place

You don’t need to panic when the carpet at your place gets all dirty and emitting bad odor, just hire a professional cleaner and you are sorted.

When you get a new carpet, it’s like a charm for a few days. But then it starts getting dirty and you start to get worried. The carpet is a design element and it getting dirty will deteriorate the elegance of the place. All the dirt, bacteria, pet hair along with human hair, etc. keep getting dumped in the rugs over time. It gives the microbes a place to grow rapidly in case not cleaned regularly.

Some very compelling reasons why you opt for carpet cleaning every now and then.

  1. The regular cleaning of your carpet will save you a lot of money as it will increase the life of the carpet. Good carpets are not that cheap and it’s wise to opt for better cleaning services rather than getting a whole new carpet every year.
  2. Carpets are meant to enhance the look of the place. If they will remain dirty then what’s the point. You can use vacuum cleaning to get the dirt and particles away but after every 6-7 months, you will need to hire someone to get them professionally cleaned.
  3. The carpet also starts to produce bad odor and it gets worse over a period of time. If you keep them cleaned regularly, the carpet will smell fresh and the air in your room will also not pollute.
  4. You can clean the carpet by a vacuum cleaner, but a vacuum will not be enough to keep the microbes like algae and bacteria away. For it, you will need to get them to dry cleaning every 5-6 months.

These are just some aspects of why you should get your carpet cleaned regularly by a professional.

Services We offer

The cleaning process needs to be monitored closely and a single mistake could ruin the carpet forever. Here is the process that we follow, you can judge the quality of our services yourself.


On your call, the very first thing that we will do is a pre-inspection. This pre-inspection will tell you about the stains that will stay permanently, the actual condition of your rug/carpet, and will answer all your concerns.

Heavy-duty Vacuum

Getting rid of the soil particles that are there on the rug is very important before starting the actual process of carpet/rug cleaning. We will use the commercial vacuum to get rid of the soil.

Move the furniture

The package that we offer will also include the cost of moving the furniture like a sofa, table, etc. Heavy furniture like bed, dressing table, etc. will not be moved. However, protection sheets will be installed on them.

Spot treatment

The next step will be the treatment of certain spots that need to be layered with another kind of cleaner to get rid of them totally. The step will depend on the carpet condition.


This step is necessary to further loosen the rug so that the soil can easily be removed. The CRI certified conditioner will be applied in order to achieve that.


The next and very important step in the process of effective carpet cleaning services is to get rid of the bad odor that is caused by the bacteria. The sanitizer will destroy all the microbial growth on the carpet.

Rinsing the carpet

Now after these steps, the extraction of all the soil and dust will be rinsed by pressured hot water. The combination of pressure and heat will save your carpet from being over-wet. It will significantly improve the air quality of the room.

Post-cleaning spot treatment

In case there is any spot that left even after thorough rinsing, the special spot removal methods will be used.

Protection fluid

You can also opt for applying for a protection that will help the carpet from not letting the residues to stick and normal vacuum will be able to clean up.

Why choose us?

There are multiple reasons that are able to convince why you must choose us for your carpet cleaning requirements in Carrum Downs.


The experience that we have in the field provides a huge edge to us over our competitors. We are in the market for more than 15 years.

Use of Non-toxic products

The products that we use for the cleaning services are all non-toxic in nature. In case there is anything left on the carpet, there will be no toxic elements that will harm you.

Highly trained professionals

The services rendered by us are done by highly trained professionals that are capable of solving all your problems. They know the process thoroughly and can also tell you some precautionary measures to keep the carpet clean.

Latest techniques

The techniques that we use are the latest ones in the area of carpet cleaning company in Carrum Downs. The use of heavy trucks is being done so that there is no shortage of high power to use the machines.

We are here to provide you with the best cleaning services that will be remembered by you. The services that we provide are also very cost-effective and customer satisfaction is our priority.

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