Maintain the Look of your Carpet with Professional Carpet Cleaning services in Bulleen

Dirt, spills, and stains are a part of day-to-day life. And in case you have carpeted floors in your house, then you definitely know the actual pain of watching your beautiful new carpet gradually deteriorate into a spotted mess. It could seem tricky to keep your carpet or rug like new; however, it is possible.

We at Unique Steam Cleaning offers top-notch carpet cleaning services in Bulleen including carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, rug cleaning, and couch cleaning. And availing our services, it would become easier for you to maintain and preserve the original look and feel of your carpet and upholstery.

Keep Carpet Care Always in Mind

The maintenance of your carpet and rug might slip to the bottom of your must-do list some days; however, keep in mind: a well-kept, healthy carpet would look great, last longer, and feel softer underfoot. So, it is worth every single bit of your effort to keep the carpets appearing fresh and new. In case you start following a regular cleaning and maintenance routine, then you can easily stop them from getting to a poor condition. It is also recommended to consider professional carpet dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning once or twice a year as professional cleaning helps you in extending the life expectancy and look of your carpet to a great extent.

Keeping Your Carpet and Rug Looking Like Brand-New

Well, what can you do to keep that fresh, new carpet look? Read on for a few important tips on carpet maintenance.

  • Identify and Screen High Foot Traffic Areas:

Needless to mention. Carpet generally suffers more wear and tear in areas, which have higher foot traffic. Mud, dirt, and the friction, as well as the pressure of being walked on, have an impact on the looks of carpet in these areas. So, here is a great technique to keep tabs on how damaged your carpet is: screen the areas, which you know have heavier foot traffic and make use of them as a benchmark for the remnant of your carpet.

  • Entrance or Welcome Mats:

An easy and simple method to give protection to your carpets, which are oftentimes under-appreciated is by having welcome mats at all the entrance of your house. This, along with not wearing dirty shoes indoors, could lessen some of the stress on the carpet by minimizing the amounts of pollutants, which are brought in, as well as tracked across your carpet.

  • Trim Snags and Loose Ends:

It might start out as a snag, perhaps the toenail of your pet caught a loop of your carpet or furniture items being pulled across left the area amassed and also with loose threads. Well, whatever the reason, snags and loose ends can develop into a big issue in no time. Avert these problems simply by trimming them down to stop future wear on the carpet.

  • Rotate Furniture Pieces:

Some rooms are being set up in a specific manner – and some might be suited to one format only. In case possible, rotate the furniture items and move it around every four-six months in order to stop premature wear and tear resulted in by the weight of your furniture. This could even help in redirecting foot traffic and provide an opportunity for the carpet to wear evenly.

However, it is always good to consider hiring rug cleaning or carpet cleaning company, if you really want to keep the look and feel of your rug and carpet for a long time.

Myths that Linger About Carpet Cleaning in Bulleen

There are so many myths, which revolve around carpet cleaning. Here are a few of the most common ones, which you may have heard about keeping the carpets neat and clean.

  • Don’t Vacuum too Often Otherwise you Would Wear Out Your Carpet Faster:

Before carpets were not made to be as tough as they are now. Well, the density of the fibres of a carpet and their length, meant that older carpet showed wear and tear faster with everyday vacuuming. But the modern carpet is manufactured to withstand regular vacuuming. Even though you vacuum on a regular basis that many people do, your carpet an easily stand up to it. But make certain that you use a vacuum, which is functioning in a proper way.

  • Steam Cleaning Leads to Mildew Growth:

Carpet steam cleaning involves the application of hot steam and not water. In case you visit the grocery, store and rent a steam cleaner for your carpets, possibilities are the machine would never be in good working order. Not just that, the steam cleaning needs special training. With professional carpet steam cleaning, the equipment itself is industry grade. The professionals know how to steam clean the carpets so that it is not saturated in the procedure. Ultimately, letting your carpet dry thoroughly after a steam cleaning would ensure that no mould and mildew growth takes place.

So, call us today to book our carpet cleaning service.

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