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What You Need to Restore the Look of your Carpet

Let’s face it… life is quite busy and we are not thinking about our rugs or carpets all the times. Even the impact they can have on the health of your loved ones. Keeping carpets neat and clean is essential for several reasons, not just for you and your loved ones’ health but for the cleanliness and appearance of your home as well.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts in Bentleigh

Your carpet is always right under your feet and everything in your house settles there eventually. A vacuum cleaner picks up only a fraction of what is actually settling into the carpet pile. And do you know that almost 85% of the dirt that your carpet holds is actually buried deeper within the carpet fibres? Carpet can trap its own weight or more in soil, grime and dirt, and average living space can contain as much as 160lbs of dirt lying deeper within the carpet.

So, it is important to consider professional carpet cleaning services from a professional company like Unique Steam Cleaning. But if you think which carpet cleaning company will deliver the right type of services, then you will be glad to know that we, Unique Steam Cleaning offers world-class carpet cleaning services including carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, rug cleaning, and couch cleaning and now it has become easier to enjoy professional cleaning services since we charge a minimal amount.

Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for your Home can Guarantee

Increased lifespan:
Regular professional carpet dry cleaning  or carpet steam cleaning can help in increasing their lifespan beyond that of what it will have been without.
Stain removal:
Professional carpet or rug cleaning can make sure the elimination of the toughest stains, as well as dried in spills leaving the carpet in new condition and clean and fresh at the same time.
Improved appearance:
Even your oldest couch or carpet can easily appear brand new leaving you with that fresh new feeling one more time.
Odours can easily be discarded by professional carpet cleaning. We at Unique Steam Cleaning provide special treatments to guarantee clean, fresh smelling carpets.
A healthier atmosphere:
Professionally cleaned rug or carpet can imply complete removal of general dust, accumulated debris, soil, and pet dander, leaving them as great as new.
Removal of bacteria and mites:
Professional steam cleaning  helps in reducing the threat of mould, allergies and many other issues and make your house safer to live in.

Different Kinds of Carpet Cleaning Procedures 

Cleaning is certainly a vital aspect of our lives and most people don’t know that the carpets or rugs when left uncleaned could be a health hazard, particularly for those with respiratory issues. Basic cleaning would never make the cut since a carpet accumulates dust, allergens, and dirt with use and require professional deep cleaning.

A few of the techniques used by expert carpet cleaners in order to make your carpet fresh and clean are described below:

  • Hot water extraction:

Even known as steam cleaning, this a frequently used technique when it comes to carpet cleaning. A machine generally forces hot water into your carpet and sucks it out together with the dirt. Hot water basically loosens debris and dirt from carpet fibres leaving it warm and faster to dry. With hot water extraction, you can not just clean your carpet but neutralise odours and kill bacteria.

  • Dry cleaning:

This technique uses simply no water in the cleaning procedure. The expert carpet cleaner would sprinkle an absorbent solution and spread it through your carpet area with the help of a mechanized brush. Well, this solution easily dissolves dirt from the core of the fibre that is sucked out of your carpet utilizing an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner. When you choose the cleaning technique, you don’t need to wait too long for your carpet to dry.

  • Shampooing:

This is one of the most effective and oldest carpet cleaning techniques. The cleaners would pour the carpet-friendly solution on your carpet surface and use a mechanised brush to clean your carpet. Then the solution is left to dry, while adequately dried up, the cleaning solution becomes brittle and separates itself from the fibres of your carpet. The dried solution is eliminated with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Bonnet cleaning:

This cleaning technique is oftentimes confused with dry carpet cleaning technique; however, there is lots of difference between the two. This carpet cleaning technique involves blending absorbent solution with carbonated water that is spread over your carpet area. A bonnet or circular buffer with an absorbent covering starts running over your carpet. This could be used as an interim cleaning technique between intensive care and daily cleaning.

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