Carpet Cleaning Balwyn

You might not think about how clean your carpets actually are until possibly somebody spills something on it and leave an unattractive stain. Vacuum properly and be certain that everybody takes their footwear off at the entrance.  Also, you might steam clean them periodically using store-bought tools. But these techniques clean the carpet surface only. Is it really sufficient? How tidy are they? Not to mention, professional carpet cleaning is the right method to ensure your carpets are not just fresh but also, healthy.

So, if you think the same, then consider hiring Unique Steam Cleaning. Since here you would be provided with rug cleaning, couch cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, and carpet dry cleaning services.

How long does it actually take for a carpet to dry completely after a professional carpet cleaning done in Balwyn?

This is certainly the most frequently asked question that professional carpet cleaners get. Well, it depends on multiple factors.

Carpet Cleaning Balwyn

A few reasons a carpet might take a longer time to dry

The method of carpet cleaning:

Firstly, the method of carpet cleaning you choose would be the greatest factor impacting the drying time and would also be the expertise level of the carpet cleaner.

The carpet cleaning technique that most carpet cleaners use is known as hot water extraction or steam cleaning. It is the technique that the majority of large carpet manufacturers need to be used in order to maintain the wear and stain warranties on the carpets that they sell.

The main principle of this carpet steam cleaning system is that professionals use water, which is heated enough and put right under pressure in order to rinse the dirt out of the carpet. You can imagine while using water for rinsing the dirt out of your carpet, carpet cleaners will be using a good amount of water. Though their machines have a strong vacuum system for capturing the maximum amount of the water and send it back to a wastewater tank, your carpet would be left adequately damp.

So, your carpet would take around 8-12 hours to dry completely. But you can minimise this time by helping the drying by opening some windows and perhaps have a fan offering additional airflow.

But if you don’t have that much time and want your carpet to be dried completely within 3-4 hours, then you can try carpet dry cleaning. This system is based on giving you a short drying time while providing you with a satisfactory level of a nice-looking carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Technicians’ Experience

The second greatest aspect impacting the time. It would take your carpet to dry would be the dedication and of course, the experience of your carpet cleaners. Though being an expert carpet cleaner is not enough. In fact, it takes a skill-set developed through experience and training.

To leave a rug or carpet tidy and not soaking wet right after a professional carpet cleaning always takes the combination of knowledge to use the exact amount of water to accomplish a beautiful looking carpet. Dedication to invest required time vacuuming off the additional water in order to leave your carpet not too wet.

At Unique Steam Cleaning, we take pride in our dedicated and trained carpet cleaning technicians who know their job well.

Humidity can affect the drying time of your carpet too

The third and last factor is humidity. The moisture, which is on the carpet needs to disperse into the air. Well, this happens in case the air is dryer than your carpet. In a humid condition, the air can never be capable of absorbing a load of moisture. It takes your carpet or rug longer to dry.

That is certainly one of the reasons why carpet cleaners ask you to open windows and doors to the air flowing through the house. This exchange of air would replace the humid air with the dryer one and would accelerate the drying time.

Steps that you can follow to dry your carpet quickly

  • Never go long between professional carpet cleaning. This is because the heavier the dust load in the carpet is the more water and effort has to be utilized to have it clean. Thus, the longer it would take to dry.
  • Turn on the ceiling and table fans. When air circulates over the carpet, then it would make it dry faster.
  • Open some of your windows in order to get air flowing. Two windows right at the opposite end of your house would accelerate things up.
  • You can ask the technician to use a blower that will help in drying your carpet, specifically in the areas he is completed cleaning.

When you hire Unique Steam Cleaning, then carpet drying is not an issue. Since we have state-of-the-art tools that enable us to make your carpet dry in no time. So, if you’re looking for rug cleaning in Balwyn and carpet cleaning services , then feel free to contact us.

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